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bathroom remodeling services in Hampton

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Hampton, Virginia

Did you know that bathrooms are one of the greatest reasons why most of the house selling/purchasing dealings are made or dropped? Bathrooms inarguably make an important part of every house. When you sell your house, you may want to consider bathroom remodeling, particularly if you want to yield the highest price.

On the contrary, you might want to update your bathroom with the times. For instance, green and yellow baths and sinks once stood out as unique, however, today they are outdated. Or you might simply want to increase your bathroom’s utility by maximizing its storage space or improving the ventilation system. You might even want to install a bidet or a bathtub.

In either case, when you look out to remodel your bathroom, you need professional bathroom remodelers onboard. At Handyman Hampton Pros, we are your best choice as professional bathroom remodelers around Hampton, Virginia.

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bathroom remodeling service in Hampton V

Why Choose Us?

As tempting as it sounds to wear the hat yourself for your bathroom remodel project, in reality, it can be notoriously complicated. At Handyman Hampton Pros we offer comprehensive bathroom remodeling services – starting from consultation, designing, or demolition to the construction, installation, finishes, and the final cleanup.

We come off with a team of proficient carpenters, plumbers, painters, and remodelers. Whether you opt for a partial or a full bathroom remodel, we walk you through every step of the process. With years of remodeling experience, high-grade material, best tools, latest techniques, and a well-trained team, we ensure the best quality remodeling services around the town.

Not just that, being locally owned, we are also the most affordable remodelers in the area!

How We Work

Bathroom remodeling might sound like a simple DIY project with some hammering and painting. However, it involves designing, measurements, hypothetical modeling, and attention to details. At Handyman Hampton Pros we make sure to pay special attention to every step. Here is how we work.


Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

The first step comes first, and that is none other than detailed planning. Our team of remodeling experts schedule a meet up with you to know the goals and design. All the design aesthetics are thoroughly discussed including the color scheme, fixtures, utility, storage, cabinetry etc. Once the design is finalized, we use our visualizer tools to help you picture how your bathroom should look.


Price Estimation

Based on the finalized plan, a price estimate is developed. We try to keep our costs minimal and prices modest. Also, our price quotes are final and we make sure to stick to them so there are no surprise costs later.



We pay special attention to the preparatory steps to achieve the perfect final look and enhanced longevity of the bathroom essentials. Even the tiniest of details are catered to – we work for perfection and can settle for nothing less.


Finishing And Clean Up

Once everything is done, we know the final look depends upon the last steps. We adequately make the finishing touches without any haste. Finishing usually includes trimming of mirrors, installing window shutters, polishing and more.

Also, don’t worry about the messy space left after renovation – we clean all debris and mess before leaving so you can enjoy your brand new tidy bathroom!

Need Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services?

Our professional bathroom remodeling services are just a call away. Drop us a call today to schedule your bathroom remodeling project with us!

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