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Hampton VA professional painting service

Painting Services

Painting Services in Hampton, Virginia

Paint not only colors the walls of your house, but it also protects them against a plethora of damaging activists; dirt, grime, moisture, fungus, stains, rain, weather extremities etc. Standing so much day in and day out, the paint of your home may turn dull and faded, or it might begin to chip or peel.

While you maintain all the other essentials of your home, your walls might also want a fresh coat of paint. Repainting adds to the curb appeal of your home, gives it a fresh new look, adds to its value, and protects it against external damages. The paint on your walls defines the look of your house – try repainting your home to bring a cooler look to your lounge or a cozy lovable feel to your bedroom.

At the Handyman Hampton Pro, we offer meticulous solutions to all your painting needs. With a team of experienced and professional painters, we bring the perfect finish to your home. Whether you want rock-wall, dry-wall, a glossy or a matte finish – our painters know it all.

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Our Painting Pros

With years-long experience in the painting industry, we have a streamlined painting process. The design and goals of our clients are our foremost priority – we pay special attention to the needs of our clients and strive hard to live up to their expectations.

Whether that is your home, condo, commercial building, or an industrial site, our qualified painters are well-acquainted with the skills to transform your property. We stand out as the best and the most affordable painters around Hampton, Virginia. Some of our painting pros include the following.

  1. Detailed Preparatory work – Patching/ Sealing/Filling in any holes or covering up any stains

  2. Plumbing/Drywall/Carpentry/Caulking

  3. Usage of high-grade material – you can request paint brands of your choice

  4. Finishing touches

  5. Final cleanup services

How We Work


Color Consultation

Choosing the right pattern of colors for your walls can be a task too challenging and we know the pain. Before establishing a contract, we schedule a meeting with our clients to discuss the desired style, theme, and color that goes with the construction and size, and space.

To help our clients walk through the tough decision process, our experts offer color consultation services alongside professional visualizer tools so you can foresee the final look of your home.


Precautionary Measures

Before the painting exercise begins, we adequately cover your home with a thick plastic covering. This makes sure all your furniture, fixtures, floor, and other belongings are protected from any substantial damage or potential paint stains.


Preparatory Work

We understand the importance of base preparation for a long-sustained paint life and a perfectly smooth finish. Before the paint wash begins, we patch any irregular surfaces, fill in any wall holes, and cover all kinds of stains and marks so you get a dazzling fresh look to your home.


Cleaning Services

Paint brushes, plastic coverings, paint gallons, and unwanted paint stains – we know the mess after a painting exercise. But no worries, we clean away all the debris and mess before leaving your premises.

 Are there any Painters near me?

Located right in the center of Hampton, Virginia, the Handyman Hampton Pro is the best painting contractor around the town in terms of price and quality, both.

Scheduling your painting project with us requires a single call. Grab your phone and give us a all to get your slot booked now!

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