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Handyman Services in Hampton, Virginia

Is your home wearing out day after day? The door stoppers are falling out of place, the wooden cabinets are cracked, the paint has started to peel off, and the pipes leak streams of water. If the list of your to-do-house-maintenance tasks is only getting longer, bring it to halt by using our handyman services!

Whether you have a multi-story bungalow or a cozy little condo, maintaining it can be a real struggle. However, you no longer need to put all your daily affairs on hold to fix your window that won't open or the drawers that have lost their handles. All you need to do is give us a call, and you are all covered.

At Handyman Hampton Pros, we have all the tools, techniques, and equipment necessary to fix all your broken fixtures, peeled paint, leaking pipes, and literally everything. We are comprised of a team of trained specialists who know how to keep your home in shape.

We are based in Hampton, Virginia, and with experience of more than a decade, we continue to provide the best handyman services around the town. Whether you need to fix your drywall or you look forward to remodeling your property in it's entirety, our reliable professional services are just a call away!

Why You Should Choose Our Handyman Services?

When it's about your dear home, you just can't settle for less than the best. Finding the right handyman services can be challenging, particularly if you are faced with a diverse nature of home repair tasks.

At Handyman Hampton Pros, we not only offer reliable and professional services to our clients but all our customers enjoy the following perks while working with us.

All the work is catered to by specialists – whether that is as simple as fixing a broken doorknob or remodeling your home

Decades-long experience

High quality bar - your satisfaction first!

Locally-owned business

Specialized Services

Extreme attention to little details

High-Quality Control Procedures

Best Quality

Handyman Hampton Pros is not just about a person, but a team of professionals. With decades of experience in all kinds of home repair; be it Drywall or plaster, gates and fences, rotted woods, or anything else, we ensure the best quality handyman services around Hampton.

Not just repair, if you need experts to install new doors, windows, stairs, flooring, and much more to your property, look no further. We can work about just about anything and everything, with utter perfection that lasts.

Also, quality doesn’t mean large bills. Our services are maintained to perfection and are moderately priced. Whether you need to install new fixtures to your living space, repair the worn-out parts, or remodel you home from a scratch – our reasonable price plans are affordable without sacrificing quality.

bathroom remodeling service in Hampton V
Hampton VA handyman working on bathroom

All Rounders

Have a single Sunday to exhaust your entire to-do list? Don't waste your time chasing individual painters, carpenters, and plumbers. Whether you need to fix your peeling paint, drywall, broken fence, or you look forward to installing a new countertop – our team of trained professionals is always on the rescue.

Just give us a call to schedule all your house-repairing and remodeling jobs with no hassle. We make sure to adhere to your schedules so you don't have to put your life to hold. With vast experience in all kinds of home repair and maintenance services, Handyman Hampton Pros is your best choice around the town.

 Why Should You Use Our Handyman Services?

Still thinking why you should have our professionals on board for your house-repair project? Here is why.

 Best Equipment

The modern-day construction is all about advanced equipment. We are equipped with the latest and the best materials and tools needed to install, repair, and fix everything at your place.

 Stellar Customer Service

What makes us different from the rest is our customer service. At Handyman Hampton Pros, we value your trust and confidence in us. We pay attention to your needs and strive to meet all your expectations.

Free Price Quotes

No surprise costs! Based on the needs of our clients, we provide them with an initial price quote for their project. We make precise quotes and make sure to stick to them.

Our Service Offerings

General Remodeling 


Are you convinced you need to shift to a new home due to the unimprovable condition of your living space? The termites in roof, cracks in walls, creaky doors and cabinets, worn-out paint, and everything negative can be put back in order with our team. Remodeling your home not only enhances its appearance but brings you a sense of newness and adds value to your property.

Hampton VA handyman working on kitchen r
Hampton VA professional painting service

Painting Service

At Handyman Hampton Pros, we offer the best and the most comprehensive house painting services for the most reasonable prices. Repaint your lounge or do the entire exterior of your home – we are always at service.

Our professionals work out each step of the process with you. Also, you can seek assistance from our specialists in case you need expert advice about painting or color consultation services.

Plumbing Services

A neglected leaking pipe or dripping tap can bring your space severe structural damage, it can cause your paint to peel off, and you might end up with serious respiratory problems.


Don't let such problems go unnoticed. Luckily, you don't need to procrastinate your simple or complex plumber tasks for a long weekend. With our one-call solution, a member of our team that has experience plumbing will be headed your way.


Have all your dripping faucets, sinks, and toilets fixed in no time. Also, if you need to install a new sink or valves to your space, just let us know, and we will look after the rest.

old handyman working on plumbing service
handyman working on flooring installatio

Flooring Services

If you need new flooring installed, or existing flooring repaired, we can help. Our handyman service covers all aspects of flooring installation and repair. Floors can make or break your property value, and at Handyman Hampton Pros, we understand the level of quality needed to ensure you have stunning floors.

Whether that is Vinyl Plank, LifeTiles, or Hardwood Flooring – our team of professionals hones the art to transform your property. Also, if you feel your roof is cracking or you wish to change your creaky old window to a modern sliding pane, let us know.

Ceiling & Roofing Services

If you have a leaky ceiling or roof, or just need general repair & maintenance, give us a call! We work with all types of roofing & ceilings – from rubber and metal to flat, we can do it all. Our roofing services are top notch, and when it comes ceiling repair, we make sure to pay attention all the details to ensure a quality job is done.

roofing service in Hampton VA worked by
handyman working on window services in H

Window Installation & Repair  Service

If you want to change the way your home looks, try installing new windows or transform the floor and the roof; it makes your home look more modern, bigger, or warmer and cozier. However, installing new windows or flooring in your space is not a simple process. It involves a lot of detailed work and expertise that necessitates hiring professionals.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen remodeling is a complex task. When it comes to all the various aspects of the kitchen – from cabinets, islands, ceilings, and much more, it’s best to hire a professional. Whether your project is a small change or installation of cabinets to an entire remodel, we can help.

kitchen remodeling service in Hampton VA
bathroom remodeling service work done by

Bathroom Remodeling Service

Did you know? Bath renovations add the most to the value of your property. To remodel your bathrooms, make sure you have professionals onboard for this requires a lot of expertise.


The Handyman Hampton Pros team is highly trained in interior remodeling – we pay much attention to the goals of our clients and work closely with them to turn their vision into reality.

Our Team

Need a team of professionals?

For the simpler or relatively complex repair or maintenance tasks of your home, you need to have proficiently trained professionals on board. Our team is comprised of professionals who hone plumbing, carpentry, painting, flooring, remodeling, and literally every home repair and installation exercise.

We have the best team of professionals, the most advanced equipment, and the best quality materials.

bathroom remodeling services in Hampton
team of handymen working in Hampton VA o

Looking for Handyman Services?

With vast experience in restoring the well-being of homes, we stand out as the best Handyman Contractors in Hampton, Virginia. To get your house maintenance project scheduled today, just drop us a call, and we will be heading your way!

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